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Rear-Ended Auto Accident

Brain Injury 

7 year old girl passenger in a car, rear-ended by a work truck & suffered brain injuries.


Auto Accident

Internal Organ Injuries & Permanent scaring

5 year old passenger rear-ended by a truck and suffered internal organ injuries and permanent scars.


Fall Accident

Traumatic Brain Injury

Our client fell down a trap hatch in the floor of a house while touring the “open house” for sale resulting in a mild traumatic brain injury. This case was denied/disputed and aggressively litigated. 


Auto Accident

Serious Injuries

Auto accident causing our client serious injuries and fractures. 


Animal Attack

Serious Injury

Our client was attacked by a wild animal resulting in serious injuries. The case was denied/disputed & aggressively litigated. 


Bus Accident

Severely Injured Leg 

Our client severely injured his leg while trying to board a public transportation bus and the bus pulled away too soon. The case was denied/disputed & aggressively litigated. 


Rideshare Accident

Serious Injuries

Our client was a passenger in a rideshare vehicle involved in a crash. She suffered serious injuries and there were multiple claims. The responsible party was uninsured. 


Slip & Fall Accident 

Bodily Injuries 

Premises liability slip and fall at a well known building supply store. We were the third law firm. The defense denied the claim. We aggressively litigated and won. Our client suffered bodily injuries. 


Near Drowning Incident

Near drowning at a privately owned public swimming pool, Our client was 14 years old. He did not know how to swim. His father took him to a privately owned public swimming pool. His father allowed him to enter the pool without his supervision, relying on the owner’s lifeguard to protect him. Our client nearly drowned, but was rescued several minutes later after sinking to the bottom of the pool and becoming unconscious. Our client suffered brain damage. The defendant private owner’s insurance aggressively denied liability and refused to pay the claim. After extensive litigation and discovery and multiple depositions and expert retention, we convinced the insurer to do the right thing and tender its policy limit of $1,000,000.00.


Premises Liability

Our client was at a privately owned public swimming pool, and had a near drowning incident that lead to brain injury.


Fatal Motorcycle Accident

Our client’s adult son was killed in a head-on accident while driving his motorcycle on a windy canyon road. The other party stated that our client was on the wrong side of the road, and a witness also stated that our client was on the wrong side of the road. The police report concluded our client was on the wrong side of the road. Two attorneys rejected the case before the family hired our firm. We conducted an extensive informal accident reconstruction, scene investigation, and re-interviewed the witness and consulted with a motorcycle accident expert. We successfully settled the case for the other party’s insurance policy limit of $1,000,000.


Wrongful Death

Our client was killed on a windy mountainous canyon road late at night when it was dark out. Our client was riding his motorcycle. He crashed with a passenger vehicle head-on close to the centerline of the roadway. A witness said that our client was on the wrong side of the roadway as did the driver of the other vehicle. The police report was adverse to my client and placed him at fault and in violation of vehicle code sections. We investigated the loss and consulted with the best accident reconstructionist and motorcycle accident experts in the country. We were able to prove that the accident may have occurred on the right side of the road for our client and the wrong side for the other person, and at a minimum, it was too close to call and that the accident may have been avoidable. We successfully negotiated a settlement for the policy limit of 1 million dollars against the other party without having to file a lawsuit.


Police Shooting Accident

We represented the victim of a Police shooting case. Our client suffered extremely serious injuries. We referred the handling and federal prosecution of this extremely complex case to one of our fellow Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles member/associates. He aggressively and creatively litigated this case and settled it for $975,000.00.


Premises Liability

Confidential settlement, case denied and disputed.


Motor Vehicle Accident

Car Accidents

Our clients were driving on the highway in Merced at night time when it was dark, when a 2000 lb. black cow crossed the roadway directly in front of their car. Our clients were unable to avoid striking the cow.. Two other vehicles also struck the cow. Our clients suffered serious injuries including back surgery. After extensive pre-litigation discovery we were able to identify the cow by its brand and connect it to its owner, a nearby rancher.

Our investigation further revealed that the fence surrounding the rancher’s property was in a state of disrepair, permitting his cattle to stray off his property and onto the adjacent roadway. Fortunately the cattle rancher was insured for this particular type of occurrence. While the insurance company disputed liability and the nature and extent of the injuries, we filed a lawsuit and aggressively litigated the case. We successfully negotiated a settlement of the case for $600,000.00 prior to mediation, arbitration or trial, saving our clients thousands of dollars as well as the risk of losing or receiving less from a Jury in Modesto.


Dog Bite Settlement

We represented a little 4 year old girl who was viciously attacked by a dog that literally bit off two of her fingers which had to be surgically reattached. The insurance company denied responsibility. We litigated the case and the defense attorney’s fought us all the way arguing hyper technical legal principals which didn’t even apply. We won every motion filed by the defense and even the appeal they filed in a ruling. Ultimately we convinced the defense and insurance company to settle this little girl’s claim for its policy limit of $500,000.


Auto Accident

Car Accidents

Our client was involved in a car accident when the other party pulled out of a driveway directly into her path resulting in a moderate impact collision. As a result, our client’s car was damages and she suffered back and neck injuries requiring neck surgery. Even though the police report placed the other party at fault, the other party’s insurance company disputed the claim based on liability/fault, and injuries.

We demanded settlement prior to filing a lawsuit and the other party’s insurance company offered $15,000.000 to settle the case. We were forced to file a lawsuit and aggressively litigate the case. After extensive litigation and discovery we convince the insurance company to do the right thing and settle our client’s case for its full value in the amount of $486,000.00. Mediation, arbitration or Trial was not necessary. This saved our client thousands of dollars in costs as well as the delay and uncertainty associated with trial.


Broken Nose From Poorly Made Cabinetry

An employee was struck on the face by a cabinet that fell off the wall it was attached to as she was sitting down at her desk. Our client suffered a broken nose requiring surgery and aggravated preexisting injuries to her neck requiring surgery 2.5 years after the accident. Apportionment was a big issue and extensive litigation and discovery were performed. We were able to reach a settlement at mediation.


Kennth/Andrew Settled at Mediation

Our clients were both passengers in a rideshare vehicle in San Francisco, which a motorist crashed into the rear of the vehicle they occupied. Both suffered serious injuries, and neither received much medical care or follow up. The defendant that caused the accident only carried a minimum limit of liability coverage auto policy in the amount of 15000 and 30,000 per person. there were outer claimants so that 30,000 were divided by multiple claimants. We proceeded against the Underinsured motorist coverage for the rideshare company.. the insurance claims people disputed the value of the case and only offered an additional 15,000 for each client, arguing that because they didn’t have much follow up medical care, their cases weren’t worth much more compensation. We filed a demand for UIM arbitration and conducted extensive discovery and ultimately mediated the case and proved the value and settled the case for the sum of $475,000.


J.M. Settlement For Rideshare Passenger

Our client was a 27-year-old passenger in a rideshare vehicle that was struck by a phantom vehicle caused the rideshare vehicle to spin out of control, flip over, and cause serious injuries to our client.

Were multiple claimants in this uninsured motorist claim against the rideshare company. We were able to convince the Claims adjuster, and the attorneys for the other claimants that our clients claim was deserving of the majority of the available limit of coverage and settled the case for 450,000.00



Premises Liability

Premises Liability. Landlord tenant. A 7 year old girls was playing in her backyard for the small apartment building her family rented. The back yard abutted an alley. She tried to close a large 40 foot long 8 foot high wrought iron sliding gate which enclosed the backyard. The gate was defective and fell off its track onto the little girl causing a serious head injury. She required multiple stitches and was left with a 3 inch scar down the middle of her forehead. The landlord’s insurance company denied the claim. The property owners/ landlord denied responsibility. We filed a lawsuit and conducted extremely aggressive discovery. We went to mediation and the defendant’s insurance carrier offered $20,000 to settle the little girls claim. We rejected it and kept fight. Eventually we went to 2 settlement conferences with a judge and the defense and insurance company never offered more than $50,000. I went to trial. We had 6 experts and 10 witnesses. The defense had 4 experts. We won the trial and the verdict was for $408,000.00. We were able to structure her money to protect her and provide for her in her adults years.


Unsafe Lane Change Freeway Accident

Denied/disputed liability after an unsafe lane change automobile accident on the freeway resulting in delayed onset, injuries to hip, and low back requiring surgery. Extensive litigation, discovery, expert accident reconstructionist, and multiple deposition. Settled.


Sacramento Dog Bite Case

This was a case involving our client (who was referred to our law firm by a very well known personal injury firm to litigate and resolve. When we got the case, all we knew was that our client had been attacked by a dog and the tip of his nose was bit resulting in surgery. The dispute was whether any insurance existed to cover the loss. After 2 years of litigation and extensive discovery, and unraveling the relationships between the dog owner, the parent of the dog owner, the homeowner and a tenant, we were able to establish liability and insurance coverage and convinced the insurance claims supervisor and defense attorney to do the right thing and pay the policy limit of 300,000.00 who so badly deserved it.


Premises Liability

Our client tripped over a step that was unmarked and a building code violation in a local store, resulting in a knee injury requiring surgery. The insurance company denied liability and refused to make an offer to compensate our client. We filed a lawsuit and conducted extensive discovery, including depositions and hiring a building and safety expert engineer. Eventually the insurance company offered $75,000, which we rejected. We eventually settled the case for $300,000.


Premises Liability

Maria P. was an 84 year old woman who was shopping at a local market with her daughter. She was pushing a shopping cart through the checkout stand and ultimately pushed it through the front doors intending on going to her car which was parked in the parking lot immediately outside of the market. After she pushed the cart outside, one of the wheels got stuck in a large hole or defect, on the walkway, immediately outside of the store. Maria P. attempted to prevent her shopping cart filled with items that she just purchased from tipping over. She was unable to do so and while she was struggling with the cart, and in the process of it tipping over, she fell and fractured her hip.

Maria P. presented a claim against the insurance company for the market and they denied her claim and refused to take any responsibility whatsoever for the dangerous condition which they knew existed immediately out in front of their property on the walkway. Ms. P. hired the Law Offices of Gerald L. Marcus.

We investigated the claim thoroughly by having our investigators go to the scene, measure the defects, photograph the dangerous condition, inspect the shopping carts, diagram the scene, and interview independent witnesses as well as store employee witnesses.

We presented a comprehensive and extensive as well as detailed and thorough demand for settlement letter and package of materials on behalf of Maria P. which included all of her surgery records. Initially, the insurance company for the local market refused to take responsibility and denied the claim. We were forced to file a Superior Court lawsuit and aggressively litigated the case accordingly. After extensive discovery, we convinced the defense attorneys for the insurance company for the local market to attend a private mediation. We successfully negotiated a settlement of Maria P.’s premises liability bodily injury claim for damages for approximately $300,000.00.


Elevator Accident

Our client was in an elevator in the apartment building where she lived when it suddenly dropped 2-3 floors. This resulted in a knee injury requiring arthroscopic surgery. The defendant’s insurance carrier initially disputed liability. We demanded settlement prior to filing a lawsuit but no offer was made. We filed and lawsuit and settled the case shortly thereafter for $290,000.00.


Child Struck by Car



Child struck by a car in a crosswalk.

Settled for $265,000.00


Auto Accident



Auto accident with pre-existing injuries and subsequent accident injuries and intervening diagnosis of serious medical condition.


Premises Liability

Our client, a young man was skateboarding through a shopping center parking lot when the wheels on his skateboard hit a crack/defect in the ground causing him to fall off the board and suffer a broken arm requiring surgery. This case was denied from the begining. We conducted aggressive, extensive litigation and discovery and proved that the shopping center knew or should have known about the defect in the ground and knew or should have anticipated skateboarded riding through the parking lot. We were able to settle the case at mediation for 250,000.00


Rear-End Accident With Neck Injuries



Rear-end accident with minimal impact and minor property damage to the cars. Our client suffered a neck injury requiring surgery. The insurance company offered $8,000. We filed a lawsuit and conducted extensive discovery. We took several depositions of the insurance company’s experts. The insurance company increased its offer to $20,000. We rejected the offer and kept fighting. We hired experts to prove that the impact caused our client’s neck injuries. We went to mediation and the insurance company increased its offer to $200,000. We rejected the offer and kept fighting. The insurance company has finally offered to pay its policy limit of $250,000 and we are still fighting for more.


Pedestrian vs. Auto Accident



Our client, an 80-year-old man, was crossing the street in a crosswalk when a city employee driving a truck failed to see him while finishing a left turn. The truck struck our client, causing fractured ribs and other injuries. The city denied the claim, so we filed a lawsuit and conducted extensive discovery. We settled the case at mediation for more than $200,000.00


Premises Liability



Lizette M. was a 30 year old mother and Santa Clarita Valley resident who slipped and fell on a puddle of water in the common area of a major local shopping mall. She suffered injuries to her thumb requiring surgery. This was a hotly disputed case. The mall owners denied liability, arguing they had no knowledge of the puddle on the floor, and therefore should not be held liable for the accident. After extensive investigation, litigation, discovery, depositions, and the retention of experts; we successfully negotiated a settlement of $185,000.00.


Car Accident Injury

Small Difficult Cases Other Attorneys Rejected


Our client was a passenger in a car that lost control and drove off the road flipping over resulting in injuries. The insurance companies argued our client wasn’t wearing his seatbelt. Extensive discovery and negotiations were performed. The case was settled.


Slip & Fall Accident

Small Difficult Cases Other Attorneys Rejected


This was a premises liability slip and fall accident at a well known natural retail and grocery store chain. Liability was denied and no offers were ever made. Our client suffered injuries and required arthroscopic knee surgery. After extensive litigation and discovery followed by mediation we successfully negotiated settlement for the amount of 140,000.00


Rear-End Accident With Back Injuries

Small Difficult Cases Other Attorneys Rejected


Our client sustained back injuries in a rear-end accident with minimal impact and property damage. We litigated extensively but did not receive any offers until mediation. The case was settled for $130,000.


Hot Air Balloon Accident

Small Difficult Cases Other Attorneys Rejected


Our client was injured in a hot air balloon accident resulting in burns. The hot air balloon company argued that its release and waiver form precluded our client from making a claim for injuries. We fought the waiver and release and prevailed. We settled the case for the restricted policy limit of $100,000.00 with having to file a lawsuit.