How to Pick the Right Attorney for Your Accident Case In Los Angeles

You have been involved in a car accident. You look online and find literally hundreds of lawyers in your area. It should be easy to choose one, right? Just pick one at random and go from there. Not so fast! In this article we are going to detail How to Pick the Right Attorney for Your Accident Case In Los Angeles. 

Finding the right lawyer for your injury case is much more involved than that. There are MANY factors that you should consider when hiring a lawyer.

You need someone you get along well with and can trust. Finding the right match is easier said than done.

Here are some factors to consider when picking a lawyer:


There are many general practice lawyers out there, but having some knowledge of a variety of types of law is not beneficial to your case. Would you have your general practitioner perform open heart surgery on you? Probably not. Specialization is important. Hire a personal injury lawyer, not a divorce lawyer or estate planning attorney.


Experience is a key factor. Obviously, you want to choose someone who has handled cases similar to yours with favorable results. Look for an attorney who has handled and WON similar cases to yours. These attorneys know exactly what it takes to win those types of cases and the insurance companies know these attorneys and do not want to go head to head with them if the case were to go to trial.


It is important to choose a lawyer who has a good reputation in the community. Check online and peruse testimonials about the lawyer. Does the lawyer provide good customer service? Does he or she have a high success rate? Although every case is different, the lawyer should have mostly good reviews. To view some of our 5 star reviews, CLICK HERE. 

Compassion and Rapport

While experience is important, you also want someone with whom you feel comfortable. Is the lawyer compassionate toward your injuries? Do you get along well with the attorney? A good lawyer will understand what you are going through and work to understand your needs and concerns. If you do not feel like your case is important, move on. You will be spending many hours with this person, so make sure you choose someone you actually like.

Not Afraid to Litigate

Many lawyers focus on settling cases outside of court because they are afraid to go into the courtroom. You want someone who will fight aggressively for your legal rights, even if it means going to court. Sometimes going to court is necessary in order for an insurance company to pay you the compensation you deserve, so you do not want to lose out by hiring a timid lawyer.

Seek Legal Help

Not all lawyers are created equal. There are many different types of lawyers, so it is important to choose one who fits your needs. 

So now you know How to Pick the Right Attorney for Your Accident Case In Los Angeles. 

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