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Thousands of children are injured and killed every day in the U.S. because of the careless and negligent actions of others. Whether it’s from a defective car seat, an irresponsible physician who injures a child as they are being born, or a person who molests a child, anyone who hurts a child should be held accountable for their actions. If your child has been injured because of someone else’s negligent behavior, a Los Angeles injury attorney will provide you with the representation you will need to receive compensation.

At the Law Offices of Gerald L. Marcus, our lawyers have the experience necessary to help you take legal action against the person or company who is responsible for your child’s injuries.

When a child is injured, not only do they suffer physical injuries that can last a lifetime, but they often are damaged emotionally as well. Serious accidents and traumatic experiences can leave scars that will last a lifetime and no one wants to see this happen to their child. Our lawyers realize that sometimes accidents happen, but when an accident could have been prevented had a person been more careful, the responsible party deserves to pay for their mistake.

Common Children’s Injuries

Some common types of children’s injury cases in Los Angeles include:

When it comes to your children, you only want what is best for them, and the lawyers at our firm feel exactly the same way. When you choose The Law Offices of Gerald L. Marcus to represent you during your personal injury or wrongful death suit, you can rest assured knowing you have compassionate, experienced, and dedicated attorneys fighting on your child’s behalf.

Fighting for Your Children’s Future

From booster seats to lead-filled toys and countless other products, there are always new recalls for products that pose a safety threat to children. If your child has been injured by slipping out of their defective car seat or by chewing on a toxic toy, you should take immediate action to notify a lawyer and other respective authorities. Taking swift action could be the key difference in protecting the lives of other children and preserving the evidence you need to file a personal injury claim.

As a parent, there are many things that you can do to further ensure the safety of your child in and around the home. According to the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, an average of seven children per day are treated in emergency rooms for injuries due to contact with electrical outlets.

By taking simple measures such as covering the electrical outlets, putting sharp objects out of reach, padding sharp corners and edges, and storing toxic chemicals out of reach, you can help protect the safety and well-being of your children.

When an injury does happen, you can trust our team to work tirelessly on your behalf. Call a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer at our firm today to learn about your options.


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