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If you have been seriously harmed by a defective product or if you have prematurely lost a loved one due to a defective product, you must take action immediately. Product liability claims are extremely sensitive cases that demand the attention of a professional Los Angeles product liability attorney who has extensive experience and certified knowledge of the law.

Not only do we know your rights and the laws that guarantee your protection, but we know how to use both of them to your advantage. Let our skilled, tenacious, and relentless litigators pursue justice after a defective product has caused you unreasonable damages, harms, or painful emotional suffering.

Types of Product Liability Claims

As consumers, perhaps one of the greatest things we take for granted is our trust in the reliability and safety of the products we purchase. Due to the various federal regulations and laws that have been implemented to guarantee the safety of consumer products, we rarely ever expect a product to backfire, cause harm, or worse, inflict life-threatening injury.

Product liability claims can be categorized in the following groups:

  • Manufacturing defects
  • Design defects
  • Failure to warn

Products with manufacturing defects are distributed throughout the United States every year, causing some of the most severe injuries imaginable. Anything from automobile parts to children’s toys can be manufactured with serious defects. Defective brakes on a car can cause fatal car collisions and children’s toys created with toxic chemicals can cause irreversible poisoning and death.

Types of Defects in Product Liability Lawsuits

In product liability, there are various areas of defects that can occur. If a claim of strict liability is to be pursued, the injured party will need to show that the product was unreasonably dangerous for its intended use, due to a defect.

There are generally three areas in which a product can be unreasonably dangerous:

  • The manufacturer or seller fails to warn about dangers associated with the product’s use.
  • The product may have a design defect, meaning that the product is manufactured with a defect, even if it is assembled perfectly.
  • A manufacturing defect exists when an otherwise safe product is rendered dangerous because it is assembled improperly.

In a never-ending effort to boost sales and profits by being the first company to produce a new product, there are always risks for deficiencies in product design and engineering. Product recalls have reached record numbers and have been steadily growing for the past six years.

Unfortunately, the problems are getting worse instead of better, and manufacturers must be held responsible when this happens. Once a manufacturer publicly admits that their product is defective and a recall is initiated, they open the door for both product liability lawsuits and class action lawsuits as well.

Holding Manufacturers Responsible for Negligence

In any case involving product liability, we are not afraid to dig deep and seek justice on your behalf. When a product manufacturer purposely chooses to produce a defective product, they are specifically choosing to value the possibility of profit and money over the safety of the general public.

This is an act of serious professional misconduct and we do everything in our power to put an end to acts of egregious negligence. Each member of our firm is highly trained, certified, and qualified to take on high-stakes product liability claims. In fact, we feed on the high-stakes energy and relish it because we love what we do – and we do it well.

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Don’t settle for mediocre representation that may only get you a meager settlement. Settling for anything other than what you are actually entitled to will only make the insurance companies, manufacturers, and opposing parties happy. We can do whatever is in our professional ability to help you obtain the highest amount of compensation you deserve.

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