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Los Angeles has long been one of California’s most dangerous locations for pedestrians. There were 134 Los Angeles pedestrian deaths in 2017, which is an 80 percent increase from the 74 pedestrians who were killed in 2015. In 2018, pedestrian deaths hit the highest level in decades, with an estimated 6,227 pedestrians killed— making it a 4% increase from 2017, the previous highest year.

Understanding the top causes of pedestrian accidents can help keep you safe next time you take to the streets.

Distracted Drivers

Despite many efforts to put an end to distractions behind the wheel, many drivers continue to do so. A recent distracted driving survey shows that drivers use their cellphones behind the wheel in 88 percent of their trips. Distracted driving is a selfish act that drastically increases the likelihood of getting into an accident.

However, drivers aren’t the only ones distracted. Be sure to refrain from using your cellphone while walking along streets, going through parking lots, or passing through any other locations where you may cross paths with vehicles.

Driving or Walking Under the Influence

While it may be common sense that driving under the influence is one of the most dangerous things you can do behind the wheel, it’s not as commonly known that it can be just as dangerous to walk under the influence.

Being under the influence can negatively impact drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists equally by causing:

  • Slowed reaction times

  • Impaired judgment

  • Poor coordination


Speeding vehicles are one of the biggest threats that pedestrians in Los Angeles face. In a city that never stops, people always seem to be rushing to their next location, which often involves speeding. Statistics show that a pedestrian struck by a vehicle going over 40 mph has an 80 percent chance of death.

What Can Be Done?

California is currently working on many initiatives to make roadways more pedestrian-friendly through things like Vision Zero Los Angeles. However, it’s still a work in progress, which means that we have seen little change in the number of pedestrian accidents taking place in Los Angeles thus far.

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