Los Angeles is home to some of the busiest and most frequently traveled roads in the world. Nearly half a million people commute daily to work. A higher number of people on the road, in turn, leads to a higher chance of car accidents. Truck accidents are much more common and dangerous than normal vehicular accidents, usually resulting in higher injury and fatality rates. Here are some of the common causes of accidents involving trucks.

Unsafe Weather Conditions

Driving in less-than-perfect weather conditions can be difficult for anyone, but it’s especially difficult for drivers of large trucks. Rain, snow, and temperature can all factor into causes of truck accidents. Because trucks are so heavy, the brakes take longer to fully activate, especially on wet or icy surfaces. Truck drivers should remember to drive slower than other vehicles and be more cautious on the road when in adverse weather conditions.

Speeding and Excessive Lane Changing

There’s a reason why commercial trucks are required by law to drive at a slower speed. The heavier something in motion is, the longer time it will take for that object to stop. Trucks weigh much more than normal four-doored vehicles, which is why they can take so much longer to slow down. Especially in Los Angeles traffic, stopping suddenly on the freeway is a common occurrence. Therefore, truck drivers need to be aware of their speed and drive slow. Same goes for truck drivers when switching lanes; the sudden need to stop can result in a fender bender or full-on car collision. It’s imperative then that truck drivers be extra aware of their speed and not attempt to pass cars

Driver Fatigue

Many commercial truck drivers are up throughout the night, driving for countless hours from one side of the country to the other. This can inevitably cause drivers to either fall asleep at the wheel or be less attentive on the road, both of which can be deadly when driving a truck or any vehicle at all. It’s important for drivers to recognize when they are no longer able to fully focus and pull over to a safe destination. It may cost them time, but what’s more important is that they make it to their destination in one piece.

Mechanical Defects

Sometimes, as with just about any piece of mechanical equipment, trucks or the parts that make them up can malfunction. Both truckers and employers are required to have regular maintenance checks to ensure that all equipment is working properly. Many weigh and truck stations have checking stations so truckers can ensure they avoid a potential accident due to mechanical defects.

Experienced Los Angeles Truck Accident Assistance

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