Distracted driving is a huge problem in every state in America; however, there are multiple driving practices that are considered to make a person distracted while behind the wheel. Although many of these practices are perfectly legal throughout the United States, someone who causes an accident while performing one of these actions could be sued by an injured party. Therefore, it is crucial to understand what constitutes distracted driving in civil courts.

Phone Use

Using a handheld device while driving in California is illegal, but using a handheld device while driving can also be grounds for a civil court case. If you injure another driver or pedestrian by using your phone while driving, you may end up with a personal injury lawsuit on your hands. Typically speaking, judges and juries award recoveries to someone who is injured by a driver who was on the phone at the time of the incident. Therefore, phone use could not only land you with a ticket, it could also land you in court.


Although eating isn’t an illegal action behind the wheel, eating is a common cause of distracted driving accidents. Food that requires two hands, foods that you dip into sauces, and foods that require a lot of attention are prime suspects for distracted driving accidents. Regardless of the food that causes the accident, eating while behind the wheel can lead to a personal injury lawsuit. Therefore, it may be better to wait to eat until you get home.


Whether it’s shaving a beard or putting on mascara, personal grooming while behind the wheel is a common cause of distracted driving accidents. Many people wake up late and don’t have the time they need to get ready for the day. Instead of forgoing part of the preparation process, some people try to kill two birds with one stone by finishing their grooming while on the go. Although this is a “time saver,” it can also be a massive problem if it results in a car crash. When it comes to personal injury cases, juries are never thrilled to find out that someone was injured due to on-the-go grooming. Therefore, these incidents typically result in a monetary award should someone’s distracted driving cause an accident.

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