When most people need to hire an attorney, they assume that they need to shell out thousands of dollars in hourly legal fees throughout the process.

While some areas of law may require more payment upfront, however, personal injury lawyers usually do NOT ask for compensation until they WIN your case.

That’s exactly how we operate here at The Law Offices Of Gerald L. Marcus, both in the interest of protecting our injured clients and because it makes the most sense for our case model.

By working on contingency fees, we can ensure that you will get top-quality representation WITHOUT breaking the bank – especially when you are already dealing with medical costs and other fees after your accident.

What Are Contingency Fees?

In order to bring a personal injury claim against a defendant, whether it is a hospital or a driver on the road, you must have some evidence that the other individual has committed “negligence.”

This is the principle that underlies a personal injury claim and determines whether you will have a case.

Because determining where negligence occurred can be a complicated matter, injury lawyers have a vested interest in taking only those cases they can successfully bring to trial.

That is why some civil lawyers offer free consultations for anyone who wishes to use their legal services and will also choose to operate on a contingency basis.

As the name implies, “contingency fees” only kick in if the attorney can win your personal injury lawsuit, whether through a closed-door settlement or a jury verdict in civil court.

That means your attorney must be fully confident that their thousands of hours of work will result in a positive result – and that it is going to a just cause.

Bringing a Personal Injury Claim

Despite the negative stereotypes about “ambulance chasers,” the truth is that most personal injury lawyers are drawn to this practice area because of its potential to help injured consumers and everyday people fight back against negligence.

When our clients win, we do not just see it as a financial gain for our firm: We honestly believe in the concept of JUSTICE, and we are ready to fight hard for our clients to get their fair share.

We are absolutely committed to providing the highest level of service for our clients – and ensuring that they have the means to pay for injuries, regardless of their financial status.

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