Serious injuries from a car accident deserve compensation.

Not only must you live with the limitations of those injuries, often for the rest of your life, but you may also need help paying your medical bills and managing the other expenses that go along with your injuries.

If you want to MAXIMIZE the compensation you receive following a car accident, you MUST hire an attorney. You should contact that attorney as soon as possible after your accident.

Hiring an experienced Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney prevents you from mistakenly minimizing your compensation. After a serious car accident, the insurance company could make a settlement offer. Often, this settlement offer FAILS to reflect the funds you really deserve for your injuries.

The insurance company may offer only a fraction of what you deserve for your injuries. Some car accident victims may accept this offer because they believe they will not get a better one or because they think it represents the maximum compensation available for their injury.

An injury attorney can give you a MUCH better idea of how much you really deserve for your injuries, preventing you from mistakenly minimizing the compensation you can receive.

Most car accident victims include several common aspects as part of their claims, including:

Medical expenses. Your medical expenses may mount quickly, especially in accidents that include burns, traumatic brain injury, or spinal cord damage. An experienced Los Angeles personal injury attorney will help you evaluate all medical expenses associated with the accident, including emergency transport, treatment in the emergency room, surgeries and procedures, tests, and durable medical equipment.

An attorney will also advise you about other expenses that count as medical expenses for the purposes of your personal injury claim.

Lost wages. Severe injuries can prevent you from returning to work long-term—or, in some cases, prevent you from returning to work permanently. If you face lost time at work due to your injuries, you deserve compensation for those injuries. Your attorney will help evaluate the terms of those lost wages.

Pain and suffering. While pain and suffering does not represent a tangible cost, it can add substantially to your personal injury claim. Many car accident injuries not only cause significant physical pain and suffering, they may leave you suffering from isolation or struggling to return to the activities that normally bring you joy. An attorney can help you determine how to calculate the worth of that pain and suffering.

At EVERY stage in the claim process, your attorney provides vital support that can help increase the compensation you receive for your injuries.

If you want to truly MAXIMIZE the compensation you receive from a personal injury claim, start by hiring an experienced personal injury attorney. Many people find that simply retaining an attorney SIGNIFICANTLY increases the compensation the insurance company is willing to offer.

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